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Tech Readiness

TRT 3.0 Launches Monday August 12!

for questions or problems with access contact:

Ferdi Serim (State Readiness Coordinator)​


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Map Reflects data submitted in Round I (May 1 2013 - Feb 14, 2014), for Schools Testing in grades 3-11.

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green-dot.png Completely Ready Meets PARCC, SBA and Device Readiness criteria
greenyellow-dot.png Partially Ready Meets PARCC and Device criteria, but not SBA Bandwidth (>20 and <55 Kbs)
greenyellowred-dot.png Partially Ready Meets PARCC , but not Device or SBA Bandwidth Criteria (>20 and <55 Kbs)
greengreenred-dot.png Partially Ready Meets PARCC and SBA Bandwidth, but lacks adequate Devices
yellow-dot.png Partially Ready Adequate Device ratio, but Bandwidth between 5 and 20Kbs/ second/ student (only supports Proctor Caching for PARCC and not SBA)
yellow-dot.png Not Ready Bandwidth and Device constrained (more than 5 students sharing a computer, less than 5Kb/sec/student of bandwidth available.)
gray-dot.png No Bubble Data Not submitted